Improvements and Renovations at the Temple

Improvements and Renovations at the Temple

The Entrance Gate—we have enhanced our gate by installing a new one. The new gate is beautifully decorated with the eight spokes of the Noble Eight-fold Path, and t

he beautiful facing stones on the pillars.

We have also demarcated and shaped our parking area outside the gate. We are often disturbed during meditation by the incoming vehicles. So we have decided to allot the front part outside the gate as our parking for visitors.

Work is already in progress but it needs your kind support. We need to level and pave  the parking.

We request all our visitors to park at the designated parking lot so that we can keep and maintain the meditation area silent and serene.

The Dining—we have tiled and painted the dining hall from where the monks eat now. The upgrade of the hall has been more demanding than ever, and the necessity for having it tiled and painted could not be very strongly stated. Monks can now eat while seated on the floor as their tradition as opposed to the earlier state of the dining.


We invite you once again to support us in paving walkways and the parking lot; as well as other temple repairs like painting of the main meditation hall, removing the bats that have spoilt the ceiling, and renovating the ceiling.

For any support you may have, please contact us at



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