Youth Empowerment

In Bulega village, there is a struggle to find work and to take on the traditional responsibilities of providing for the family’s economic security and physical well-being among men and youths. Restrictions on fishing, lack of entrepreneurial skills and low education levels have caused a backlash among men and boys in playing their traditional roles.

Although interest in working with men and boys has been exponentially increasing globally in the recent past, men in many communities have not been cared for and not considered for empowerment and gender programs.

We have introduced a men empowerment project to develop and alternate entrepreneurial skills among men and boys, and to challenge the traditional gender norms and discrimination in a very meaningful way. The project also aims to train men and boys in the community to be allies in women’s participation in social, economic and political affairs.

Our hope is that both the women empowerment and men empowerment projects will create better outcomes for both sexes and engage both men and women to identify and skillfully approach challenges they both face to build a socially and economically sustainable community.