The aim of our education program is to provide education to children in an ethical learning environment so that children can become conscientious citizens. The program rests on three pillars (the Buddha’s teachings, African traditional wisdom, and the secular education curriculum).

We established the first and only Buddhist founded school named the Buddhist Peace School combining the preschool and a primary school.

Currently, we have have  47 children enrolled in our preschool and  and 89 children in the primary section. The kids range from 3 to 5 years old in the preschool and 6 to 13 primary. These combine novice monks at the Temple, orphans and vulnerable children from the surrounding communities.

In its infancy stage, the school has a substantial number of full-time staffs recruited from the neighboring villages and other parts of the country. We also often receive international volunteers from around the world who come to support the school in various ways including teaching languages such as French, English, German and Spanish.
School Community
The school is an educational project of the Uganda Buddhist Centre and its day-to-day operations are run by the Centre’s team. Inclusivity is one of our goals. We stand to provide inclusive education to all individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. We welcome all children and staff from the various religions, races, spiritual traditions, gender inclusivity, ethnics and so on. Current enrolment includes children and staff from different faiths.

Check out our school website to learn more about our Education Program and schools.

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