Holistic Education

Peace School is a project under the Uganda Buddhist Centre (UBC). The UBC was founded by Venerable Bhante Buddharakkhita, a Ugandan Buddhist monk in April 2005. UBC aims at creating and promoting a culture of peace among people through the teachings of the Buddha and organizing social, cultural, educational and other humanitarian services. In attempts to realize our goals, we have established innovative community initiatives that promote education, health and sanitation and programs that empower women and young people in Bulega village, its locality. UBC’s main concern is the realization of peace along with sustainable development in which the children, teachers and the community are involved in positive activities that will ensure socio-economic welfare in the entire village and ensure proper learning environment by providing habitable accommodation. The vision of Peace School is a peaceful co-existence and development in which everyone participate equally and effectively in identifying problems and solutions where local communities, governments and other developmental societies facilitate and carry out skills transfer to children who are not fortunate enough to afford to go to school. UBC has moreover succeeded to hold three successful meetings with the School Committee and community Heads to form an understanding of our vision and goals. We made sure that there is community ownership of the project. There is need to involve everyone. We envision the local community and leadership to be very supportive in establishing the Peace School. In order to realize its goals, UBC has agreed to assist in mobilising resources to build seven (7) class rooms to replace the tent which is feared for injuries in harsh weathers. The main objective of the Peace School is to create community capacity to provide education and health infrastructure, and with a particular outreach to the most vulnerable in communities. Since 2008, Peace School under UBC, its mother organization has been supporting children from under families in Bulega village.