Kathina Robe Offering

Kathina Robe Offering

The Kathina festival is the largest alms-giving ceremony in the Buddhist calendar. It is a robe offering ceremony which has been preserved for 26 centuries since the Buddha’s time. This practice was established by the Buddha where he permitted lay devotees to make robes offering to the monastics who have finished the three months rains retreat. As envisioned by the Buddha, Kathina was to foster harmony and sharing among his fourfold disciples, and to allow righteous monks with torn robes to receive new ones. This act of giving and receiving is very meritorious, and for the donor, yields very positive and wholesome results.

The sponsor of this year’s Kathina robe was Mr. Geethan Krisantha Bandara a Sri Lankan devote who works with the United Nations in Entebbe. Together with his family and other Sri Lankan Buddhists in Uganda also for the three months rain retreat donated alms to the monastics.

On October 16, 2022, Uganda Buddhist Centre celebrated Kathina robe. The celebrations commenced at 5:30 am with the bringing the Kathina robe to the Temple which was followed by Buddha puja. At 10:30am, the kathina robe was offered to the monks.  Burmese devotees led by Ms. Moe Moe offered gifts in form of cash to support the monastics.

Bhante Buddharakkhita who delivered a Dhamma sermon on the significance of Kathina ceremony, highlighted that kathina underpins the Buddha’s vision of harmony and sharing among his disciples. Devotes live in harmony, unity and in support of each other. Bhante further extended his gratitude to both our international and local communities for the selfless support. The local people have slowly learned to integrate these values into their daily living.

We would like to thank the Sri Lankan Buddhist community, the Burmese community and the Vietnamese group in USA for supporting monastics throughout the three months rain retreat.

May you all attain freedom and true happiness!

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