We have opened doors to educate children from Bulega village.

Water & Sanitation

Improved hygiene and living conditions in communities and schools.

Women Empowerment

Women’s entrepreneurial and leadership skills have increased exponentially.

Peace School

 The vision is to realize peace and sustainable growth through mindfulness-based education

Overcoming Difficult Emotions in a Chaotic World

Bhante Buddharakkhita, guides us through mindfulness meditations for weathering the emotional storms of a turbulent world.

What a Buddhist Monk Learned from Nearly Being Assassinated

When he finally lands back in Africa as one of the first monastics on that continent, he is mocked as a wizard and then nearly assasinated. In this chat, we talk about: how that incident led to a deep dive into the treatment of trauma; how he integrates African wisdom into his Buddhist teaching; and his motto, “More dharma, less drama.”

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