Uganda Buddhist Centre

Novice Ordination

Giving every child a chance to taste the monkhood life. Children have a chance to develop morality, mental concentration and wisdom in their daily life.

The Buddha Medical Center

Along with Buddhist meditation, education, empowerment, we are focused to providing medical care for everyone in our community.

#About us

We are the first and only Buddhist Centre in Uganda.

More about us

In 2005, Bhante Buddharakkhita returned to Uganda, and introduced Buddhism to the country. With his own limited resources, Bhante acquired two acres of land and established the first and only Buddhist temple in Uganda located in Bulega-Garuga, Entebbe. The temple seats about 5km off Entebbe-Kampala Road. Many people have come under Bhante’s guidance and some of them taking monastic practice as monks and nuns.

Women Empowerment

Women’s entrepreneurial and leadership skills have increased exponentially.

Peace School

The vision is to realize peace and sustainable growth through mindfulness-based education.

Water and Sanitation

We are bringing clean water to the needy communities.

We have opened doors to educate children from Bulega village.

From Our Newsroom


Mindful Meditation with Bhante Buddharakkhita at See TV’s Wellness, Beauty and Lifestyle. 

Bhante Buddharakkhita at the SEE TV’s program, Sunrise talks about Mindful Meditation. Bhante also used the space and airtime to unravel the Buddhist approaches to mental wellbeing and beauty.