The program provides holistic care that encompasses both nourishment and education, ensuring that these orphans are given the opportunity to grow into their full potential. The program focuses on delivering consistent food relief and educational support to 20 orphans.

We believe that every child deserves access to nutritious food and quality education. With the generous support from Buddhist Global Relief, we ensure that the children receive two wholesome meals a day. These meals are carefully planned to meet the dietary needs of growing children, ensuring they have the energy and health required for their daily activities.

In addition to providing daily meals, we also opened access to education for these orphans. They attend the Buddhist Peace School. During the school term, the children reside at our Compassion Care Centre home. This allows them to focus on their studies and participate fully in school activities without the distractions and hardships they might face elsewhere.

Beyond academics, we offer various extracurricular activities designed to develop the children’s talents and interests. From art to sports and cultural events, these activities help in their overall development and well-being.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by orphans, we provide emotional and psychological support through meditation, counseling and mentorship. Our aim is to help each child build self-esteem, resilience, and embrace all forms of changes in their lives.

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