Dhammakami Buddhist Nunnery

The Nunnery is a distinguished centre dedicated to the training and spiritual development of girls and women who aspire to follow the Buddhist path as nuns.

This sanctuary is named in honor of Venerable Dhammakami, the mother of Bhante Buddharakkhita and the first African Buddhist nun, commemorating her pioneering spirit and the path she forged for African Buddhist women.

Venerable Dhammakami was ordained in 2008, marking a historic moment in the annals of African Buddhism. Her journey was anything but easy. As the first nun in a country where Buddhism was relatively unknown, she faced a torrent of criticism and numerous challenges. Yet, her commitment to her faith and her determination to embody the teachings of the Buddha shone brightly, lighting the way for future generations.

The path Venerable Dhammakami tread was fraught with obstacles. Practicing Buddhism as a nun in a new land meant navigating through a landscape of skepticism and misunderstanding. The societal norms and cultural expectations of Uganda presented significant hurdles, but she remained steadfast. Her journey represents her resilience, as she balanced the pressures of being a spiritual pioneer with the personal sacrifices demanded by her calling.

The establishment of the Dhammakami Buddhist Nunnery serves as a tribute to her legacy. It is a place where aspiring nuns can receive the training and support they need, continuing the mission that Venerable Dhammakami began. Her life and work have laid a strong foundation for African Buddhist nuns, inspiring them to overcome obstacles and embrace their spiritual journey with courage.

At Dhammakami, women receive comprehensive training that encompasses meditation practice, scriptural study, and strict adherence to the Vinaya, the monastic code of conduct. Under the guidance of experienced senior nuns, novices learn the fundamentals of Buddhist practice, cultivate mindfulness, and develop the wisdom to navigate the challenges of monastic life.



The Monastery is a Bhikkhu training centre for novice monks (samaneras) and senior bhikkhus (fully ordained monks).


The program offers young boys and girls an opportunity to experience the path of Buddhist monastic life.


We organise programs that reflect our commitment to sharing the Buddha’s teachings and exemplify the Buddhist practice to the public.
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