Ven. Dhammakami

Ven. Dhammakami (Nampiima Felister) is the mother of Bhante Buddharakkhita. She received her ordination from Ven. Bhante Buddharakkhita October 17, 2008. She is the first Theravada Buddhist nun in Uganda.


                                       Venerable Saddharakkhita

A former barber, he discovered refuge and purpose in Buddhism, which led him on a path towards monkhood. In 2021, his life took a profound turn as he embraced the teachings of the Buddha and dedicated himself to a life of service and awakening.

Before joining the Uganda Buddhist Centre, Venerable Saddharakkhita had been a frequent visitor to the temple, attending services almost every Sunday. He developed a keen interest in the teachings, finding peace and inspiration in the ancient wisdom. His dedication and sincerity caught the attention of the resident monks, who recognized his earnest pursuit of spiritual growth.

In 2022, Venerable Saddharakkhita’s commitment and devotion were further acknowledged when he was ordained as a novice monk. This symbolic step marked the beginning of his formal monastic training and introduced him to the rigors of monastic life.

Recently, in a significant milestone in his spiritual journey, Venerable Saddharakkhita, along with another monk, received higher ordination at the Burmese Buddhist Temple in Singapore. This “upasampada” or higher ordination is a crucial step in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, signifying a monk’s full acceptance into the monastic Sangha and granting them the authority to teach and lead others on the path of awakening.

                                         Venerable Sangharakkhita

Since 2020, Sangharakkhita (a.k.a Ssekajja Andrew) has been a devoted resident at the Temple, where his contributions extend beyond the meditation Buddhist study. As a diligent caretaker, he has been responsible for maintaining the pristine condition of the temple and its tranquil compound. His commitment to his duties reflects his profound reverence for the spiritual space that nurtured his own journey towards higher ordination.

Ssekajja possesses a unique skill set in Karate and Martial Arts. This martial background has not only brought him strength and resilience but also instilled in him a deep sense of humility and respect for all living beings.

Ssekajja’s devotion to Buddhism has influenced his family life as well. His son, one of the 19 novices at UBC, follows in his father’s footsteps, embracing the same path of wisdom and compassion.
He received higher ordination July 2023 at Burmese Buddhist Temple in Singapore. The significance of this milestone cannot be overstated, as the “upasampada” ceremony marks the culmination of years of spiritual preparation and the full acceptance of a monk into the monastic community.