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Stephen Wyard
Dharma Teacher / Architect
BA Hons (2:2) in Architectural Studies
Diploma in Architecture (2:1) (1983)
RIBA Part III professional examination (1985)

I was born in England in 1957, studied architecture at Oxford Brookes University, and have worked as an architect for nearly forty years, mainly in the UK but also in Bhutan and Uganda, where we lived from 1994 to 1999. Since we left Uganda in 1999, I have been returning regularly to work, mainly on a pro bono volunteer basis, on a range of interesting projects. Over this time, my connections with Uganda and its people have grown much stronger.

I have been deeply interested in spiritual matters all my life and was a Quaker from my twenty’s to my forty’s. I encountered Buddhism at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre in 2002, and very quickly my interest in mindfulness and meditation grew into a love of the Dhamma, and I became a Buddhist and a member of Tri Ratna. I have applied to become ordained in the Tri Ratna Order and am currently in training.

I am married to Julie, and we are living together at the Uganda Buddhist Centre (UBC), where we work as volunteers.  I carry out a range of tasks, including acting as assistant to Venerable Buddharakhita, the Abbot and founder of Uganda Buddhist Centre, teaching meditation at the primary school, running a program of yoga, meditation, and dhamma at the UBC building in Bunga, Kampala, and running a dhamma study course for members of UBC. I also provide assistance with architectural design and planning issues at UBC.

Julie and I are formally retired from our professional careers and are very grateful to have this opportunity to live and work in the wonderful community of UBC.

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