Bhante Buddharakkhita’s Dhamma Tour in Singapore and Taiwan

Bhante Buddharakkhita’s Dhamma Tour in Singapore and Taiwan

We are delighted to share with you the exciting news of Bhante Buddharakkhita’s Dhamma tour in Singapore and upcoming visit to Taiwan. Our beloved spiritual leader, Bhante, has embarked on a journey to spread the teachings of the Buddha, engage in meaningful dialogue, and strengthen connections with fellow practitioners in these vibrant Buddhist communities.

Currently, Bhante Buddharakkhita is in Singapore as a guest of the Buddhist Fellowship. During his stay, he will be conducting a series of enlightening Dhamma talks, guiding meditation sessions, and participating in the joyous Vesak Day celebrations. His profound wisdom and compassionate presence will undoubtedly inspire and uplift all those who attend these events clarity and warmth has touched the hearts of many (for a detailed schedule of Bhante’s visit in Singapore please visit

Following his stay in Singapore, Bhante will travel to Taiwan, where he will meet various stakeholders. This visit presents an excellent opportunity for fostering connections and exchanging ideas with fellow practitioners, Buddhist organizations, and individuals dedicated to the propagation of the Dhamma. Through these engagements, Bhante will continue to promote interfaith dialogue, peace, and understanding, nurturing relationships that transcend geographical boundaries.

We eagerly anticipate Bhante’s return to the Uganda Buddhist Centre on June 12, 2023. His experiences and insights gained during this journey will indeed enrich our Sangha and further enhance our collective understanding and practice of the Dhamma.

Moreover, we greatly extend our deepest gratitude to the Buddhist Fellowship in Singapore and all those involved in organizing this Dhamma tour. Their warm hospitality and support have facilitated this meaningful exchange, nurturing the bonds between our communities.

Let us rejoice in Bhante Buddharakkhita’s noble mission, and may his teachings continue to illuminate our hearts and minds as we strive for peace, wisdom, and compassion in our lives.

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