Peace School

Peace School

We are in the second month since we started to operate our preschool, providing high quality education to children in our community. This commitment to give high quality education is demonstrated through our focus on areas of child development with highly trained teachers. The teachers with their enormous experience in early childhood development use effective teaching and assessment approaches as well as establishing collective relationships with parents and the whole community.

As a school based on the Buddhist foundation, we are striving to empower children to realize their full potential guided by principals of compassion, generosity and loving kindness.

The preschool starts at 8:00am to 12:30pm from Monday to Friday.

Each day brings hope for a better generation to come. The day’s activities include a balance of active time, quiet time with teacher-guided activities as well as child-initiated activities. Children have the opportunity to learn as they engage in a variety of learning areas and activities guided by the national curriculum.

All the students are fully sponsored by the Uganda Buddhist Centre through the support of the various stake holders to ensure that the children have access to best education even with the available resources.

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