Caring for Mother Nature

Caring for Mother Nature

The Peace School organized an environmental awareness and cleaning campaign on Friday March 29, 2019. The campaign involved our preschool children, teachers, and the management. The theme of the campaign was “Caring for Mother Nature: Clean Environment, Good Health”. This campaign aimed at raising awareness about the great importance of a clean and green environment and teach children to be more responsible towards the environment by not littering and that rubbish be properly disposed off to keep the environment clean and green.

In this 21st century, our environment is at a great threat and facing inordinate challenges of rapid changes. We are faced with climate changes. In our community for example, we have had a few rain showers since the year began which is unlike before, in seasons of the year like this one, we usually experience heavy rains. We believe these sudden changes are mainly due to the rapid aggressive human actions to the environment such as deforestation.

As Peace School, we are committing to taking an active participation in environmental protection and we will encourage every child to plant trees to enhance greenery and purity of the environment from pollutions.

During this campaign, children participated in cleaning and planted a mango tree at the temple, of which they will enjoy the fruits of their action in the nearby times.


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