UBC Welcomes Venerable Pandicca, a Burmese Monk and Scholar

UBC Welcomes Venerable Pandicca, a Burmese Monk and Scholar

The Uganda Buddhist Centre (UBC) received a new resident teacher, Venerable Pandicca, on Sunday, December 10th. Hailing from Burma (Myanmar), Venerable Pandicca brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in Pali language, monastic discipline, meditation, and religious leadership. He holds a master’s degree in Buddhist studies with experience in teaching meditation and Abhidhamma. Venerable Pandicca trained under Most Venerable Bhaddanta Silasara at Su Htoo Pan Buddha Vijja Monastery in Thaketa township in Yangon. His arrival is a significant development for the UBC and the wider Buddhist community in Uganda.

Venerable Pandicca will be staying at the UBC for up to one year, during which he will dedicate himself to several key tasks including: teaching Pali language and monastic discipline to our community; leading mindfulness and vipassana meditation courses and retreats; and assisting Bhante Buddharakkhita with religious duties

Venerable Pandicca’s arrival fills a crucial gap in the UBC’s monastic community, especially during Bhante Buddharakkhita’s temporary absence. His presence will not only strengthen the UBC’s educational and spiritual offerings but also serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for all Ugandan Buddhists.

The Ugandan Buddhist Centre warmly welcomes Venerable Pandicca and looks forward to benefiting from his wisdom and expertise in the months ahead.

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