Uganda Buddhist Centre (UBC) Extends Clean Water to Kiwuulwe Fishing Village

Uganda Buddhist Centre (UBC) Extends Clean Water to Kiwuulwe Fishing Village

On Saturday November 28, 2020 Bhante Buddharakkhita together with the town Mayor, Mr. Ronald Kalema and other local leaders broke the ground for a water borehole at Kiwuulwe fishing village. Local leaders and the project engineers were available and identified the prospective point for the project. The point is at the heart of the community town.

The Mayor expressed that there has been a great need for clean water in the area. The recent surges on Lake Victoria have made it hard for the residents to fetch water from the lake. The borehole is expected to serve over 3,000 people daily. You can imagine the impact on the borehole.

The Water and Sanitation Project was started to improve living conditions and boost the health of people in communities. We believe that easy access to safe clean water for the residents of Kiwuulwe fishing village will significantly contribute to the improvement of their social and economic well-being. Women who have businesses in the area will be able to create viable livelihood by way of having access to safe and clean water as opposed to water from the lake which is unsafe to use. Children will also spend more time on their studies. The event was also covered by Bukedde TV, a local television and Entebbe Post an online news post.

UBC was inspired to received a letter from the Mayor requesting for a clean water source for Kiwuulwe fishing village in Kisubi.

We are eternally grateful  Venerable Mahinda of Aloha Meditation Centre in Sydney, Australia for his generous donation of this borehole. Bear in mind, he has also donated a borehole in the past. However, there are many communities near the temple that are in critical need for safe drinking water.


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