On Saturday November 28, 2020 Bhante Buddharakkhita together with the town Mayor, Mr. Ronald Kalema and other local leaders broke the ground for a water borehole at Kiwuulwe fishing village. Local leaders and the project engineers were available and identified the prospective point for the project. The point is at the heart of the community town.

The Mayor expressed that there has been a great need for clean water in the area. The recent surges on Lake Victoria have made it hard for the residents to fetch water from the lake. The borehole is expected to serve over 3,000 people daily. You can imagine the impact on the borehole.

The Water and Sanitation Project was started to improve living conditions and boost the health of people in communities. We believe that easy access to safe clean water for the residents of Kiwuulwe fishing village will significantly contribute to the improvement of their social and economic well-being. Women who have businesses in the area will be able to create viable livelihood by way of having access to safe and clean water as opposed to water from the lake which is unsafe to use. Children will also spend more time on their studies. The event was also covered by Bukedde TV, a local television and Entebbe Post an online news post.

UBC was inspired to received a letter from the Mayor requesting for a clean water source for Kiwuulwe fishing village in Kisubi.

We are eternally grateful  Venerable Mahinda of Aloha Meditation Centre in Sydney, Australia for his generous donation of this borehole. Bear in mind, he has also donated a borehole in the past. However, there are many communities near the temple that are in critical need for safe drinking water.


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Bhante Buddharakkhita led the official inauguration of  two water boreholes on Friday, August 15, 2020 in Nalugala and Rwanjaba-Kasenyi, Entebbe. The work was carried out by INTROPIA LTD, a local borehole construction company.

Safe and clean water will now be  accessible in these two villages. Rwanjaba is a fishing village located along the shores of Lake Victoria in Kasenyi, Entebbe Municipality, while Nalugala-Mawugulu Cell is located in Kitala, Entebbe.

The two boreholes were inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Ronald Kalema Basamulekere, the Mayor of Katabi Town Council. The first borehole was donated by Ms. Dolores Watson from New Orleans, USA and the second one by Buddhist Hub, and Australian based charity.

In Rwanjaba, the borehole will provide clean water to over 2,000 villagers in the area, who through their area chairperson expressed deep gratitude for this great initiative. Whereas in Nalugala, the borehole will provide water to over 5,000 people. The Lord Mayor expressed his deep gratitude and linked Water and Sanitation Project to other projects of the Uganda Buddhist Centre that have supported community development and the health of the population his town council. “By providing our community with access to safe drinking water, you have ensured more life and health to our people,” he said. For the management of the boreholes, monitoring committees were set up.

Over the past 12 years, the Uganda Buddhist Centre has through its donors financed the construction of 8 boreholes in Entebbe area. This has helped communities to improve on its health, education and economic welfare.

There are many communities around Uganda that are water-stressed. Women and children take long to collect water due to the long distance and queues at the existing water sources. Also, the water being collected is not clean and safe for drinking.

We would like to invite you to contribute to this noble project. You can offer a village a borehole.

For more information please send us an email at



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Towards the end of June 2020, the Uganda Buddhist Centre embarked on providing safe and clean water to needy communities.

With support from Ms. Dolores Watson, based in New Orleans, the Centre constructed a borehole at Golden Hearts Education Centre in Kasenyi, Entebbe. This borehole has been successfully completed and residents are now enjoying fresh and clean water.

In the past four months, Uganda has faced three major challenges. We first had locusts that affected mostly the Eastern part of the country. Then COVID-19 and the increasing volumes of water especially in Lake Victoria.

In Entebbe, many people especially those living along the shores and landing sites of the lake have been affected by the increasing volumes of water. When Bhante Buddharakkhita visited Gerenge landing site, he noticed that residents heavily depend on water from the lake. Due to the flooding of the lake shores, the water from the lake mixed-up with sewage from the pit latrines near the shores. He observed that this situation is a big threat to public health in the area. We are still negotiating with people who own land near the landing site, so we can install a borehole for people to benefit. We want to ensure that residents in the area have to access to safe and clean water that is not contaminated and not mixed-up with the sewage.


Also, the nearby Nalugala Health Centre and its neighbouring communities depend on harvested rain water, which sometimes is insufficient and challenging during dry seasons. With support from our Australian Dhamma friends, courtesy of,  we got funds to construct a hand-dug borehole. However, the borehole failed due to the existing hard rock in the depth of about 20ft. The contractor, Intropidia recommended a machine drill for the project to be successful, which costs about US$ 7,000. However, with no extra charge, we relocated to another village where we managed to construct a borehole.

We are so grateful to Minh (, Australia for his kind donation.


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Before October 27, pupils of Lakeside Preparatory Primary School would walk to the lake to collect unsafe water. This hindered their classroom activities and were at risk of contracting waterborne diseases. Things have rather changed when a hand-pump borehole was drilled at the school.

With the Uganda Buddhist Centre support as part of its Water and Sanitation Program, funded by, the newly drilled borehole will provide the school with a safe water source and improved hygiene and sanitation.

The new borehole was launched by Most venerable Bhante Buddharakkhita on October 27, 2019 which was also a cultural day for the school. In an expression of their gratitude, the school committee headed by Ms. Nakavuma offered fruits and other gifts to Bhante Buddharakkhita, an act that is very unusual.

In her letter of appreciation, the head teacher Ms. Nakavuma Pauline Sanyu, says that “…there is no way we can express our joy to you but through this letter, from the bottom of our hearts, we are really grateful for the borehole…” with unlimited supply of safe drinking water, children of Lakeside Preparatory School have more time to concentrate on their studies without having any worries of having to look for unsafe water from the lake.

The school is located along the shores of Lake Victoria about 4km from UBC with over 150 children. is an Australian based non-profit organisation that support humanitarian activities worldwide.

This borehole is one of our efforts to provide every individual in the community safe and clean water and to ensure that children in school have the best chance of success without any hindrance.


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