2020 Kathina Celebrations

2020 Kathina Celebrations

We are glad inform you that our Kathina celebration went very successfully. The event was conducted on November 15, according to the Sri Lankan tradition. Mr. Gihan De Silva and his family was the donor of the 2020 Kathina robe. He was joined by other Sri Lankans, Burmese, Thai, and Indian Buddhist communities in Uganda. Other celebrants were from DR Congo, Egypt and the local people. The local people are now gradually getting to know and appreciate the Buddhist culture. Thus, Kathina has been one of the key events that have significantly contributed to this awareness.

Kathina celebration  is a very special occasion for all Buddhists around the world. It brings together Buddhists and well-wishers to practice the teaching of generosity and share the blessings of such meritorious deeds. Moreover, celebration underpins the mutually supportive relationship between the monastic and lay devotees. Top put it in the African context, this is the teaching of “Ubuntu”, which translates that I am because you are. You are because I am”.

In fact, Kathina gives lay devotees an opportunity to offer their support and express their gratitude to the Sangha providing requisites (food, clothing, medicine and shelter) to the monastic during the Vassa period (three months rains retreat).

The celebration started at 06:30am with a procession that started from the driveway to the temple. It was colourful and it featured Buddha puja, almsgiving to the monastic, Kathina robe offering by Gihan de Silva and a Dhamma talk delivered by Bhante Buddharakkhita. Bhante talked about the historical origin of Kathina, its psychological and spiritual significance today. He encourage local Ugandans to participate in Kathina ceremony in order to understand the Buddhist culture of interdependence.   Ms. Mudhitha, who works with the United Nations in Uganda will offer the Kathina robe in 2021.







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