When we started, we repaired a pit latrine of the neighboring lady. Since then, we have been using that pit latrine. We experienced many inconveniences since the neighbor had tenants who were very slow and reluctant of cleaning the latrines after use. However, due to the limited resources we had then, we had to be patient and continue cleaning while we shared with many other people.

This whole story changed when we got funding from the Buddhist Global Relief. Part of the funding was to go for toilet construction. The construction of toilets was delayed. This is because, we had to secure a small portion of land besides the school where the toilets would be constructed. In January when Bhante Buddharakkhita had just returned from his teaching at Union Theological Seminary (USA), this small portion of land was acquired and the construction of the toilets started immediately. Now, Peace School children have proper toilets without any other competitors.

The School admitted more 12 pupils this year making a total of 24 learners.

The Peace School administration would like to take this chance to thank the Buddhist Global Relief, Mr. Kamal and the Sri Lankan community in Uganda, Mrs. Bashar and family together with the Nepalese community in Uganda, Ms. Moe Moe and the Burmese Buddhist community, the family of Mr. Krishnar Shamnandar and many people from overseas for their great support and contributions towards the running of the Peace School. As a school, we are truly indebted to all your support.

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The Peace School, the first of its kind in Uganda is so proud to have celebrated its first successful year of operation. The School gained a unique experience throughout the entire year.

The School organized an event on Thursday November 28 2019 to celebrate its milestone with the surrounding communities and Golden Hearts Kindergarten School from Kasenyi, Entebbe.

Over 120 people attended Peace School’s first year anniversary, which saw parents and other attendees witness pupils’ presentations and excellence.

The school has seen wonderful achievements that include;

  • Focus on holistic learning
  • Development of a genuine sense of community
  • Children have made great strides across all areas of the curriculum
  • Built fence around the school for the safety of children and teachers
  • Successful organization of Environment Day
  • Awarded a one-year grant by Buddhist Global Relief, USA

The event featured speeches from various people in the community including the representative of the local leadership, who thanked the Peace School management for building a strong pillar of education in Bulega village and implored the community to continue working together.

The Peace School opened in February 2019 to serve the growing educational needs of the surrounding communities with a focus on vulnerable children in Bulega. It offers a unique blend of curriculum combining the National Curriculum with Buddhist education, African values and African philosophy of Ubuntu.

The School will admit another batch of 12 children in Baby class next year 2020, while the current 12 pupils have been promoted to Middle Class.

We would like to call upon for your support in the next year 2020. You can donate scholastic items, uniform, shoes, school bags or cash.

If you like to donate towards our school, please follow this link.


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