Construction of Monks Accommodation Project

Construction of Monks Accommodation Project

UBC envisions a world of peace, true happiness and ultimate freedom inspired by the teachings of the Lord Buddha. The Centre now, stands as a major initiative in Entebbe, providing a stable source for Buddhist studies in Uganda. In the past years, we have fully ordained three monks from Egypt, Rwanda and Uganda.

Presently, we have a temporary ordination program to ordain novices during school holidays. The program has been successful and, so far, we have ordained six novices, who had to disrobe in order to return to their respective schools. Plans are underway to construct a Buddhist primary school which will integrate the national curriculum with Buddhist education approaches. In this connection, we need to expand our accommodation for both monks and novices so they can attain their education at our school without disruption to their ordination programme.

Moreover, we are frequently faced with shortages of accommodation whenever we have international visiting monks at the temple.  We usually resort to camping and hotels which are costly, unsuitable and unsustainable.

Anyone who visits the Centre, will see that accommodation for monks is urgently needed. The two novice monks at the temple currently share a room and have to line up for the bathroom, which is also shared by the guests. This long-awaited building, which is planned to be located on a beautiful hilly site overlooking Lake Victoria, will solve many of these challenges.

The first phase of the project will be to construct two-storeys, with a roof terrace. We have already done the site clearance and created an access road through the eucalyptus and pine trees. This new building is planned to occupy 2 acres of land to the south of the temple.

In order to realize the Centre’s goals, we have embarked on this vital project for the establishment of the first monks’ accommodation building which will house both international monastics and local monastics from our community to foster the monastic training program.

We are inviting all our Dhamma brothers and sisters to contribute  to this meritorious deed. If you would like to make a donation, please email us at:


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