Construction of Monks’ Accommodation

Construction of Monks’ Accommodation

Preparations are underway to construct a five-storey building to house 60 resident monks at the Uganda Buddhist Centre. The structure is 50m long and 15m wide. Each floor of the building will carry 12 rooms with each self-contained so that monks don’t queue for a shower or toilet in the current shared bathrooms—they will now have their own facilities. The new accommodation will be homely with emphasis on simplicity, comfort and privacy.

Structural and architectural designs of the proposed building have been finalised awaiting submission for approval by the Katabi Town Council urban planners.

Steven Wyard’s (the Architect) impressions of rooms on the proposed building include comfortable furnishings, a grass-thatched terrace at the rooftop to contain the heat to the building.

Anyone who has visited the Centre, will see that the accommodation for monks is badly needed. The four novice monks at the temple currently, are sharing a room and have to line up for the bathroom which is also shared by the guests. This much-awaited building on a beautiful hilly location overlooking Lake Victoria will solve some of these challenges.

The first phase of the project will be to construct two-storeys and the rest of the storeys will be added on later as funding becomes available. We have already done the site clearing and created an access road through the eucalyptus and pine trees. This new building is planned to sit on the newly acquired 2 acres of land behind the temple.

The Uganda Buddhist Centre is appealing for help to raise funds for construction of the monks’ accommodation. It is envisaged that once the construction is complete,  people from all over the globe  wishing to ordain as monks, will come to ordain and practice Buddhism.



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