The vision of Peace School is the realization of peace among children along with sustainable growth through skills transfer and financial support to needy children. The School aims to:

  • Provide education in an ethical learning environment so that children can become conscientious citizens,
  • Provide direct financial support to children in need and orphans whose parents or relatives cannot afford school fees,
  • Provide mindfulness-based education in order to contribute to individual peace, society and environment at large, and
  • Create an environment where children, teachers and the community are involved in positive activities that ensure socio-economic welfare in the community.

UBC has since collected and distributed educational materials to 50 children from underprivileged families in order to support their education. The materials included dozens of exercise books, pens and pencils. Additionally, some children were selected for scholarship funds through our Scholarship Fund Program. We intend to support them through our limited funds and call upon anyone who would like to support the same cause to contact us.

Children have also been introduced to Buddhist meditation and values, and English language in which we have instilled a sense of hope and empowerment in their future.

We also hope to begin computer classes at the temple in order to equip children with computer skills which they will then apply in the future.

Key facts:

  • There is a need for permanent classrooms in which to teach the children. We currently teach children under an open tent, which has affected our classes and exposed children to sickness in the unsympathetic and changing weather. During rain seasons, the children are exposed to the wind and cold.


  • Children attend to their school programs full time,
  • Children learn meditation,
  • Children are encouraged to develop love, peace and truth in their lives,
  • Children are stimulated to desire to live in a better world of no suffering with plenty of love and happiness, and
  • Children have a sense of gratitude and contentment.