Two essential concepts in Buddhism, Sadha and Panna, by Venerable Pandicca

Two essential concepts in Buddhism, Sadha and Panna, by Venerable Pandicca

Greetings, everyone.

Today, I would like to talk about two essential concepts in Buddhism—Sadha and Panna. Sadha can be translated as faith, trust, or confidence, while Panna translates to wisdom. In Buddhism, faith is not blind belief but a confident understanding based on wisdom.

Every religion is built on trust, belief, and confidence. Whether it’s Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, or others, faith is the cornerstone. Without faith, no one would follow any religion. In Buddhism, faith is about understanding the consequences of our actions and having confidence in the path of ethical living.

For instance, if we believe that harming others leads to negative consequences, we naturally avoid such actions. It’s like taking a sleeping medicine; if you believe it will help you sleep, it often does. However, blind faith without understanding the nature of a medicine may render it ineffective.

Belief in Buddhism is not just about ritualistic practices; it’s about understanding cause and effect. We believe in the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, and the Five Precepts. But, crucially, faith without wisdom can be dangerous.

Consider misguided beliefs, like thinking that sacrificing animals will lead to heaven. This is faith without wisdom. We should question such beliefs and apply wisdom to empathize with all living beings.

Buddhism teaches us to cultivate both faith and wisdom through meditation and learning. Believing in concepts like rebirth requires contemplation and wisdom. We must connect faith with wisdom by questioning and understanding our beliefs. Without wisdom, faith can be misguided.

So, our daily practice involves aligning Sadha (faith) with Panna (wisdom). We follow ethical principles, not blindly, but with a deep understanding of their implications. Let’s not forget that without wisdom, faith can become hazardous.

Thank you for listening.

Venerable Pandicca.

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