Uganda Buddhist Centre Makes Historic Ordination of Four Women as Buddhist Nuns

Uganda Buddhist Centre Makes Historic Ordination of Four Women as Buddhist Nuns

The Uganda Buddhist Centre has today ordained four women as Buddhist nuns. The ordained women are Mirembe Anitah (Metta), Nazziwa Shadia (Santi), Damali Bakanasa (Karuna), and Nakiganda Harriet (Mudita). This marks a special moment for the centre, as this is the first time women have been ordained as nuns since 2008, when Bhante Buddharakkhita ordained his mother.

Anita joined the Uganda Buddhist Centre in 2018 as one of the women participating in the women empowerment program. She was later employed to cook at the compassion care center, our orphan feeding program. Nakiganda is one of the people who helps in the cleaning of our compound; she also helps in taking care of the orphans. Shadia and Damalie come from the surrounding village who have been occasionally participating in our events.

Before the ordination, Bhante Buddharakkhita shared insights with the women, emphasizing the profound commitment they were making. The ceremony, which involves taking precepts, signifies a commitment to abstain from actions that cause harm, such as killing and stealing, and to cultivate virtues like generosity and truthfulness.

Bhante also explained the significance of each precept, highlighting the connection between faith (Saddha) and wisdom (Panna). He emphasized the importance of aligning one’s beliefs with wisdom, ensuring a harmonious and compassionate journey in their new roles as nuns.
The ordination ceremony also included a discussion on leading a simple life, refraining from excessive beautification, and focusing on meditation and self-discipline. The new novices were encouraged to embrace a lifestyle that supports their spiritual journey and contributes to the well-being of others.

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