UBC Holds Annual General Meeting

UBC Holds Annual General Meeting

On December 31st, we held our annual general Meeting (AGM) to update our stakeholders on the organization’s performance, welcome new members and vote on important matters of the organisation. The AGM is a mandatory gathering of UBC’s stakeholders and board of directors, and it serves as an important opportunity for stakeholders to engage with the management and bring new ideas to board. The AGM was held at the Uganda Buddhist Centre.

At the AGM, members present received information about UBC’s performance over the last years. Members were also given the opportunity to ask questions of the organization’s management and board of directors and raised any concerns they may have.

During the meeting, shareholders voted on several important matters, such as the renewal of the NGO permit, the welcoming of new members, opening of a new meditation center in Kampala, and other important decisions that the board of directors had proposed. Stakeholders also had the opportunity to propose their own resolutions for consideration. For instance, Stepehen Wyard proposed to set up modern cottages in Bulemezi-Luwero District for people who would want to have some peace of mind so as to generate more income for UBC.

We were pleased to report that the organization had a successful year, and our stakeholders were happy to hear about our plans for growth and expansion in the coming year.

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