A Daylong Meditation to Usher in the New Year

A Daylong Meditation to  Usher in the New Year

On December 31, 2022, we held a Daylong Meditation Retreat, and it was a wonderful experience for all who participated. The retreat was held to provided a perfect opportunity for participants to start the new year off with a clear mind and a renewed sense of purpose.

The retreat was led by Bhante Buddharakkhita who guided participants through various meditation practices designed to help them cultivate mindfulness, focus, and inner peace. The day began at 9am with a period of silent sitting meditation, and later compliemented by walking meditation. This practice involves paying close attention to one’s breath, and observing any thoughts, emotions, or sensations that arise without getting caught up in them. This helps to develop a sense of inner stillness and awareness, which can be carried forward into daily life.

After the initial period of silent meditation, there were guided meditations and teachings on different aspects of the practice, such as how to work with difficult emotions, or how to cultivate compassion and loving-kindness towards oneself and others. These teachings were given in the form of talks, discussions, or interactive exercises.

The retreat also included periods of walking meditation, where participants walked slowly and mindfully, paying attention to the sensation of each step and the movement of the body. This helped to break up prolonged sitting and brought a sense of freshness to the mind.

Throughout the day, participants were encouraged to maintain a spirit of silence and mindfulness, whether in meditation or during breaks. This helped to create an environment of peace and reflection that supported the inner work of the retreat.

The retreat ended with a closing ceremony, during which participants shared their experiences and reflections. It was a powerful and transformative experience, as people came to realize that they were not alone in their struggles, and that the path to inner peace is one that everyone can walk.

We are looking forward to hosting more retreats in the future and encouraging more people to experience the benefits of meditation.

Participants gathered at campfire
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