UBC Holds Community Health Workshop

UBC Holds Community Health Workshop

Recently, UBC held a 4-day workshop and health fair from December 27-30, 2022 with the goal of promoting health and wellness in the local communities. The event was a collaborative effort between the Uganda Buddhist Centre, Dr. Tung Cheung and Dr. Patrick Chou and the local health professionals. Dr. Tung runs a health clinic project in India providing healthcare in villages that cannot access medical facilities, while Dr. Chou is the founder and CEO of Moringa for Love, a USA based non-profit organisation promoting Moringa for health. 

The workshop began with a series of informative sessions led by Dr. Tung. on a wide range of health topics, including hypertension, gastric ulcers, diabetes, mental health, and nutrition. Dr. Tung also offer knee and shoulder injections as treatments for those with especially chronic shoulder and knee pains, while teaching backpain therapy, and head and wrist massage to relieve pains. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about preventative measures and management strategies for these and other common health concerns.

In addition, Dr. Chou highlighted the health benefits of Moringa, the nutritious benefits like the multi vitamins, potassium, calcium and proteins. Considering the common health problems such as hypertension in third world countries like Uganda, the use of natural remedies like Moringa is the easiest and cheapest solution.

The health fair component of the event took place on the final day, during which local healthcare providers and volunteers set up informational booths and provided free health screenings. Attendees could have their blood pressure, and blood sugar levels checked, as well as receive knee and shoulder pain injections. Those with sight problems were given reading glasses. There was also a variety of educational materials and resources available to help attendees learn more about various health topics. Overall, the 4-day community health workshop and health fair were a great opportunity for people to learn more about their health and connect with local healthcare providers and resources. Our hope is that the event will be held annually to promote community health and encourage local people to take an active role in their own wellness.

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