BPS Prepares Four Students For PLE

BPS Prepares Four Students For PLE

On the 8th and 9th of November, three novice monks and one young girl from the Buddhist Peace School will be sitting for their Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), a national examination administered by the Uganda National Examinations Board.

The PLE (a transitional exam to secondary school) is  a crucial milestone in the Ugandan education system, determining a student’s eligibility for further education and potential future prospects. The fact that these four students from the Buddhist Peace School have reached this stage is a significant achievement, and their performance will be closely watched. Their journey to this point has not been without challenges, but it’s in these challenges that their strength and determination have truly shone. The students have been diligently preparing for these critical examinations. We are confident that these candidates have been well-prepared and they have all the tools they need to excel with first grades.

The Buddhist Peace School since its inception has been a symbol of hope and resilience, providing a holistic education that nurtures the head, heart, hands, health and happiness. As the students prepare to face the PLE, they stand as a shining example of the school’s effort to cultivate individuals who can contribute positively to society.

Prior to his departure to the United States to teach a six-week meditation retreat, Bhante offered his blessings and imparted his wisdom and well-wishes upon these young candidates.He reiterated the significance of mindful preparation and steadfast adherence to instructions. Reflecting on the importance of clarity and composure, Bhante shared a poignant tale underscoring the vital role of equanimity during life’s examinations and challenges.

Our hope and the future plan is to establish a secondary school so that students who finish their primary transition to secondary school. The school will accommodate every student including the novice monks and nuns, who may not be accommodated due to their religious practices and etiquettes. This visionary endeavor seeks to continue to nurture all children from all backgrounds in an environment that is all-inclusive.