UBC Holds Kathina Ceremony

UBC Holds Kathina Ceremony

On October 29, 2023, the Uganda Buddhist Centre the Kathina ceremony. The ceremony was a very significant and spiritually enriching event that brought together lay devotees and the monastic community.

The ceremony commenced with a heartwarming gesture as lay devotees brought the kathina robe inside the temple. Following the robe offering, Venerable Sangharakkhita, one of the resident monks at the center, led a session of mindfulness meditation. This practice allowed attendees to center themselves and focus on the present moment, fostering a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

The high point of the ceremony was the formal offering of the Kathina robe by the laity to the Mahasangha, the assembly of monks. The lay devotees presented the Kathina robe on behalf of the Vietnamese donors to the monastics. The monastics were represented by Venerable Sangharakkhita who received the robes and alms-bowl. This ritual is a symbol of unity and a strong connection between the monastic community and the lay practitioners. It signifies the unity, harmony, support, generosity and reverence the laypeople have for the monastic Sangha, which plays a pivotal role in preserving and propagating the teachings of the Buddha.

Venerable Sangharakkhita delivered a Dhamma talk on the significance of the Kathina ceremony. This discourse provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the spiritual and cultural significance of the event, emphasizing the virtues of generosity, unity, and the importance of supporting the monastic community.

The program also featured a presentation by the pupils of the Buddhist Peace School nursery section. They shared insights on the acronym “STREAM”, which stands for generosity, kindness and compassion in the form of Space, Time, Respect, Effort, Attention and Material things. Additionally, the pupils emphasized the values of cleanliness, kindness, and compassion, which are essential virtues in Buddhist teachings. Their presentation added an emotional flavor to the ceremony and showcased the dedication to holistic education within the Buddhist community.

As the ceremony drew to a close, the monastics offered their final blessings to all those in attendance, imparting their spiritual grace and well-wishes to the donors of this year’s vassa and Kathina. The collective blessings from the monks provide a sense of spiritual protection and guidance to the devotees.

Finally, the event concluded with a group photo, capturing the joyous and harmonious gathering of the Buddhist community at the Uganda Buddhist Centre. This photograph serves as a lasting memory of the Kathina ceremony, reminding everyone of the shared spiritual journey and the bonds of friendship and community that were strengthened on this auspicious day.

We would like to acknowledge and extend our eternal gratitude to the following individuals for sponsoring this year’s three-months rainy retreat (vassa) and the kathina ceremony. We share our merits with all of you.

  • Hang Nguyen family and Xuan Le and Dhamma friends and family from Vietnam
  • Ngoc Quach and family from Australia
  • Hung Pham and Dhamma friends (Universal Virtue Buddhist Charities), USA
  • Kim Thu Vo, Loi Minh Tran, Duyen Le, Hung Truong, Dieu Thanh, Trang Nam, Thom Vo, Phuong Lan Nguyen, Nu Tran, Carol Hoang, Nga Vi, Trinh Tran, Yen & Long Dinh, Christine Do, Hoang Oanh, Trang Dang, Trang Hoang from USA.

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